Amos Rendao


Funny timing as I'm trying to learn more about humility, I also need to write a bio...

I feel that if I write about what I’m working on and passionate about, maybe what you take from reading will help us connect in a positive way:

I want adventure, pain, struggle, exploration, love, to create, to inspire, to find balance in giving back to a world that has given me so much, to destroy the ruts that people pretend to be happy in, to find harmony between body/mind/surroundings, to learn, to grow, to laugh, to connect, to dance.

I am a movement scientist.

Picture me in a lab coat, jumping and swinging. I have a conviction for harmony in mind/body/surroundings, and Parkour is the perfect journey with innumerable benefits.

I find one way to give back through empowering others to reclaim their bodies from sedentary cultures, to be strong and capable, to use a journey through movement to overcome challenges that aren’t even physical.


Living with such a faith that good things will come if I listen to the honest voice inside me has presented opportunities that have become a path to my present job as owner | general manager | head instructor | professional athlete at APEX Movement, one of the leading Parkour educational facilities in the world. I have also had the opportunity of being a cofounder of ParkourEDU.

Living with such passionate desires has led me to eat shit, a lot... not the food group, silly. I’ve fallen so much over the years that I almost made a career out of it… and then I actually made it part of my career... In seeing the value that good falling technique gave to my experience in Martial Arts, Parkour, Dance, etc. I decided to put some time and energy into studying what I call Parkour Ukemi. This project seeks to understand how to prepare a person for the inevitable: falling. And particularly, it focuses on the challenges of Parkour and falling on hard surfaces, which allows you to be prepared for the world at large, not just your dojo's mats or the gymnastics bouncy/squishy land.

Living in such a world where the powerful sometimes exploit and manipulate those without has led me to understand the value of responsible empowerment. I find another way to give back through playing my role as a node along which the study of martial arts can be transmitted through the ages. I desire to protect myself and others as well as empower others to do the same for themselves. 

Not all dire circumstances require combat. Sometimes quick, precise movement is the answer. Common Parkour practice accomplishes so much when it comes to empowerment, but my creativity has also led me to study its place in real-life, time sensitive challenges/emergency situations. Thus is the birth of Parkour Randori, a project with a mission to understand this intersection and how people that need these skills can find a methodology in bringing them into their life. Maybe your focus is to be strong to be useful. Maybe you’re a hopeful freedom fighter in a hopeless dictatorship. Maybe you just have a thirst to be more prepared for the physical challenges to come. I hope I can give back through aiding your empowerment.

Sometimes physical reactions are not the solution to the exploitation and manipulation:

I am an information activist.

Someone told me to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

I took it to heart; spent many years letting the genuine pursuit take me on an adventure, but now my response to that person is that there is a big problem all genuine fact seekers are facing: The information highways are convoluted with corruption, manipulation, exploitation, inefficiencies, etc.

I hit so many walls in my endeavors to be an engaged citizen due to information problems of corruption in media, corporate disinformation campaigns, propaganda overload, plain old misinformation due to web 2.0 or just poor journalism. All of this can put overwhelming burdens of time in research on your shoulders, leaving you hardly able to come to a conclusion on a single issue... a myriad of new issues incoming daily...

Even though during that phase in my life I didn’t have a full time job and family, and was able to spend entire days at the library, each road had a dead end. It was all too big for even someone with my level of commitment.

I believe that information activism is one of the major callings of our lifetimes if we desire the world that we want to live in, democracy, to mitigate the ever-pushing tide of corruption, to take a stand for the exploited, to empower people to solve basic issues that otherwise boil over as genocides, to bring justice to those who think they’re untouchable as they smirk while looking down on us through the 114th story office suite window.

I am a lost boy.

I don’t run the ‘adult’ race. I see the world where a child’s mind meets higher consciousness.

If you’ve come this far, I’m glad you know more about what makes me tick, but I’m an old fashioned cowboy when it comes to truly revealing myself, and so I’d like to talk to you in person rather than bullhorn every detail about myself into the vacuum of cyberspace. Talk to me


Amos Rendao

Producer | Singer-Songwriter

Cofounder :: ParkourEDU

Owner | General Manager | Head Instructor | Professional Athlete :: APEX Movement Headquarters

Founder :: Parkour Ukemi

Founder :: Parkour Randori

Executive Director :: The People’s Think Tank